I flee all definitions and all boxes. When you think you caught me, what remains in your hand is a mere illusion of my Self. My Soul wears all the colors of the spectrum, rainbow feathers that gracefully lift me in the secret joys of hidden moments. My dreams are made of sublime transformations where bright colors, archetypal shapes and sounds quivering with life confront each other, like powerful entities living side by side and forming strange & mysterious groups. 
An inscrutable primal chaos from which raises, in balance, the most perfect harmony. A Cosmos. 

I believe in the existence of other Worlds beyond what we can see and perceive. For me, multi-layered dimensional explorations are a common thing. The infinitely small and infinitely large are my playground, and the Universe is the fabric of my creations. Utopias are my faithful supporters, including the Human tribe in this coherent breathing limitless whole. From this contemplative and creative reflection arises the primal simplicity of the first ages of the Origins, and the complex ramifications - like as many veins - that unites all lives. 
Coming from that perspective, and from a deep love for Earth & Humankind, I have the desire to create and collaborate in the creation of spaces where to pause, contemplate, question, transform & connect. A compromise between Man and Nature is necessary - and possible - in order for all Sentient Beings to thrive.

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"In The C"
2014, AVCHD video, color, stereo sound
5:14 mn

"In the C" is the track 1 of the Trail Records 2013 Beyond-O-Matic album "Relations at the Borders Between". 

Featuring Rev. Peter Fuhry vocals and guitar, Kurt Stenzel analog synthesizers, Anthony Koutsos drums. 



What material are dreams made of ? (Part 2)
2013, AVCHD video, color, silent,
9:11 mn

With a mandarin melody (silent), dreams of apartment deploy and liven up under our eyes, curious and rather amazed. Sparkling and intensely hued, these musing sometimes take the look of strange butterflies. They have an acute knowledge of metamorphosis and a pronounced taste for journey.
O joy.
This movie is the second episode of an investigation conducted quickly and efficiently in the everyday life of dreams...

What material are dreams made of ? (Part 1)

2013, AVCHD video, color, silent, 10:19 mn

Like waves in the Ocean - in the intense silence of hidden moments - breathing, growing, changing, dreams are. They vanish as soon as they appear. They escape to any net trying to catch them, except to the imagination, that they feed, and shape. 
What is the essence of dreams ?

Dans mon jardin il y a...
2013, AVCHD video, color, stereo sound,
5:52 mn

It's a story of Creation. And of Destruction.
It's a story of those forces. 
What are they ? Where do they come from ? From the mysterious Big Bang to the humans's backyard...? 
This movie is dedicated to a new born child, Ayron, who represents the new generations that will inherit this world. For now is a time for new beginnings.

Headphones are your best friends

The Enchanter Within
2013, AVCHD video, color, stereo sound  ,
5:38 mn

It begins with a bird of the night, when the mystery of the origin of life quietly reigns, shining stars patiently calling and reflecting the Enchanter Within. 
This is an invitation to follow this call, and discover new worlds.

Squares versus Circles
2012, AVCHD video, color, stereo sound,
5:49 mn

Curves of the cosmos put in perspective with the human architectural rigor, "Squares versus Circles" celebrate the human kind's mystery from the point of view of an infinite universe...

 to watch with headphones or good speakers is the best !

2009-14, Mixed techniques on paper
(Ink, watercolor, pencil, crayon) 
6 x 12" each

Sans titres
Techniques mixtes sur papier 
(encre, aquarelle, crayon, craie grasse)
15 x 30 cm ~ chaque


Wires & cables might be roots alike...
2012, AVCHD video, color, stereo sound,
05:36 mn

'Meanders of a waking dream - coiled up in the powerful magic of plants - which affect in space and time the "materialities" of the cold metropolises...

(Najwa E.)

 Good speakers or headphones 
will increase your pleasure !

Welcome onto the Orb. Wisdom is very sexy.

2011-12, Oil and mixed techniques on canvas, triptych,

25,5 x 64"

Huile et techniques mixtes sur toiles,
triptyque, 65 x 163 cm

The Orb, the flight.

2011, Oil and mixed techniques on canvas,

45,6 x 64" the triptych
82,6 x 118" the installation

Huile et techniques mixtes sur toile,
116 x 162,5 cm le triptyque
210 x 300 cm ~ l'ensemble

With You One Can Feel The Earth
2011, AVCHD video, color, stereo sound,
06:10 mn

Good speakers and/or headphones are required.
No seat belt However.

Welcome onto the Orb. We are the residents.

2010, installation, mixed techniques.
Painting representing the desert-city and the residents of the Orb, Oil on canvas, 46 x 72,4"
mixed techniques, 32,6 x 28,3"

Peinture représentant la ville-désert et les résidents 
de l’Orbe, Huile s/ toile, 117 x 184 cm,

technique mixte, 83 x 72 cm

The Orb
2010, DV video, color, stereo sound ,
4:03 mn

       Untitled (Great Relative Mystery)

2009, Acrylic and gouache on canvas,
16 x 19,6"

 Acrylique et gouache sur toile,
40,5 x 50 cm

Give me an embracing glance...
Gib mir einen umarmenden Blick...
Donne-moi un regard embrassant...
2009, DV video, color, stereo sound ,
4:14 mn

                         Cellular flight towards Interplans tunnels
2009, Oil on canvas,
quadriptyc, 37 x 94,5" (variable)

  Envolée cellulaire du côté des tunnels Interplans

Huile sur toile,
quadriptyque, 94,5 x 240 cm (variable)

Des signaux miroitants
(Shimmering Signals)

2011, DV video, color, stereo sound ,
03:41 mn

Television set
2009, Oil and acrylic on granular wallpaper marouflé on canvas, 19,6 x 24"  

Poste de télévision
Huile et acrylique sur papier peint granuleux marouflé sur toile, 50 x 61 cm

Tamara, or the wave-like gravity
2009, Oil on canvas, 23,6 x 23,6"

Tamara, ou la gravité ondulante

Huile sur toile,
60 x 60 cm

Let's have a glimpse

2009, Oil on granular wallpaper marouflé on canvas, 11,8 x 11,8"

Huile sur papier peint marouflé sur toile, 
30 x 30 cm

Budding of the Hydra
2008, Oil on carpet, 55 x 28,3"

Bourgeonnement de l'Hydre

Huile sur tapis, 140 x 72 cm